Most frequent questions and answers

Havana may charge a door entry fee or cover charge at its discretion.

A cover charge contributes towards the service and the entertaining environment we hope will be enjoyed at Havana. A standard cover charge may range from $10.00 to $20.00. Special Event entry fees could be higher.

You can book a private raised VIP booth with bottle service! You get a private booth, personal waitress pouring your drinks all night and a section for you and your friends. There is the only way to celebrate a night out

Please note payments on booths are non-refundable

Bottle Service

Havana nightclub is very flexible when it comes to functions for you and your company/group. Whether you want to book the whole club out, or you just want a booth booking we can organise the function for you based on your requirements. Just give us a call to discuss the various options!

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No neck, hand, face or offensive tattoos are permitted inside the venue. Gentlemen with sleeve tattoos will be required to wear a long sleeve shirt.


Havana requests that you keep baggage to a minimum and bag checks maybe required upon entry. Havana provides a reasonably priced cloakroom facility.

Gentlemen are require to wear long pants, closed in shoes and a collared dress shirt.


Ladies are expected to dress to the minimum level of smart casual.


Hats are not permitted.

Our staff take pride in the appearance of themselves and our venue, so we hope you will also.

ID is a requirement by law and is unavoidable. Only the following forms of identification are accepted as proof of age to allow entry into the premises-

  • a current Australian driver’s license or permit
  • a current Australian or foreign passport
  • a current Government issued proof of age card
  • other current identity documents approved by the Liquor Licensing Division such as:
    • the Victorian Key-pass
    • an overseas drivers license that must contain the persons photograph, date of birth and be written in the English language.

Havana has constant surveillance through our extensive CCTV monitoring system throughout the venue. Your ID will be scanned upon entry. Metal detectors may be used on occasions, and bags may be subject to searching as part of our ongoing commitment to public safety.

Havana Nightclub has a professional photographer on nights and these photos are available on Havana’s facebook fan page and website.

Other professional photographers must request permission on individual cases and it’s in the discretion of the managers.

To request permission please contact us.